HELLO!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!!!!! :DDDD

MY NAME IS RYOTA!!! :D i like to draw sometimes lolz! i will put art on this site!! everyone else has their own sites in my class so i thought i should make one too @__@. IDKZ what to say about myselfz im pretty boring >_<

i like animez and drawing (i already said that lolz), i like drawing cats and furries ppl in mah class and school says my art is weird.....so i hope they dont find this site >.<

meh fav anime is azumanga daioh!!! i also liek serial experiments lain andddd samurai champloo! i just thought i should add some more abt meh!!!!!!XD

i guess i will write about mah self herez too! like a blog x333

  • BLOG :333
  • (NOTE THIS IS A SITE FOR MY CHARACTERS STORY! THIS SITE AND RYOTA ARE A WORK OF FICTION!! please do not look through this site if you are triggered by things like bullying and anxiety, plus eyestain on some pages of this site please view at your own risk!